Top 8 Best Moon Lamp | Magnetic levitating Moon Lam for Bedroom, Wall, Nursery

Introduction of Best Moon Lamp

Moon lamp helps a lot in providing a booty look to your room. Almost people buy this moon design lamp to decorate in their home and office room.

Top 8 Best Moon Lamp | Magnetic levitating Moon Lam for Bedroom, Wall, Nursery

Often people buy this moon lamp for bedroom, for kids, for office table, for gift. 

This gazette is called moon lamp because its design is 3D painted like real moon, Inside which there is a light which acts like a bed lamp or office lamp. That's why almost people see it with a lamp tour and not as a decor light. That's why it has been named Moon Lamp.

You will get to see very little of this type of lamp in the outside market, because it is very unique and has been told in advanced technology. It has not been much time to tell this, so very few people know about this type of lamp. But all those who have seen the lamp with this design have made up their mind to buy this lamp.

You will get to see lamps with this design in the Amazon Online Shopping Mall at a very low price. And the purpose of writing this post is that with the help of this article, we can tell you about the best moon lamp products. Which you can buy easily.

Keep reading this article completely, In this, along with getting complete information related to moon lamps, you will also get to see product reviews of top 8 best moon lamps.

What Is Moon Lamp?

Moon lamp is a moon-like lamp used as a decoration in home, bedroom, office room. It is made of plastic which has the image of 3D printing moon which looks like a real moon. There is a colorful light inside it, which burns in the dark and gives the feel of a small real moon.

The image of the moon in this sphere is the real key of the moon, which is shown by NASA, which looks like a real moon in appearance.

In the below you will get to see a demo video of a moon lamp, by watching which you can know what is a moon lamp, you can know how it looks.

How Do Moon Lamp Works

Moon lamps are of great design, in which different features can be seen. But in all moon lamps, there are two things which are the main part of this lamp. The 3D printing design of the light and round shape is printed in it.

The light which is installed inside it is done by charging it through the charging cable. According to the price of the lamp, many companies are installing color changing lights in their lamps. Which is changed with the help of touch screen or with the help of remote.

There are some companies that have added advanced technology to the lamps, Lamp also has a mobile app which by installing in your mobile you can show your photo in this moon lamp.

Another man part in this moon design lamp is its stand from which the moon is kept. This stand only makes Moon's look even more beautiful. You will get to see moon lamp stands of different designs in different moon lamps. About this, you will be shown the top 8 best moon lamps in this article post, in which you will get to see the stands of different technologies.

Which Moonlight lamp is best?

By the way, every moon lamp looks very wonderful to see. In this post, you have been written a review article of the top eight such moon light projector products, which are selling a lot in the market. You will also like all this.

1. LOGROTATE 3D Printing Moon Light

Top 8 Best Moon Lamp | Magnetic levitating Moon Lam for Bedroom, Wall, Nursery



This moon lamp is designed by a company named LOGROTATE. The company does not say that the picture of Moon in this goop is 3D printed. Which looks like a real mini moon when viewed from close. This gallop is of 4.8 inches. Due to which you will not have any difficulty in making a gift package. Basically people use it as a lamp. Due to its design and look like a moon, people know it by the name of moon lamp.

There is a multi-color LED light inside this moon-like globe, which you can control via remote. To know the complete features of this light, you read the feature heading completely.

Talking about its price, it is available in 5 different sizes of Glop in Amazon, considering the size of Glop, its price has been kept differently. The 4.5-inch Moon Lamp Light costs $20.99 that dollar at Amazon. This product is available for all countries. Its price is according to your country.


Multi Purpose Moon lamp: This product is designed in such a way that people come to see once. In this lamp of LOGROTATE company, people are given the option to buy lamps of different sizes. Which people buy this moon lamp according to their space and keep it in different places. You can keep it for decoration in your office room, bedroom, kids room, home.

Multi Color Moon Lamp: The LED light installed in it can be changed to 16 different colors, Which you can say again and again according to your mood and the color of the room. In purchasing this lamp, the customer is given a remote

Mini Real Moon Lamp: There is a 3D printing moon in the gallop in it, which gives a feeling like a real moon.


  • 16 Color multi color changing option
  • 5 Glop size buying option
  • real moon feel
  • Remote control
  • fast charging
  • also read more

2. VGAzer Magnetic Levitating Moon Lamp

VGAzer Magnetic Levitating Moon Lamp


In this moon lamp, the facility of user 3 lighting modes is given. White, Gold and Yellow. The size of Moon Globe is 6 inches. The width (150mm) of this globe is 5.3 inches, which is completely 3D printed. This globe is floating in the air due to the magnetic power in the stand of the Moon globe.

The light in this 3D Printed Technology Moon Lamp is a wireless charging light. This globe is made from PLA, plastic, faux wood material which holds 2.2 pounds. The user can change the light in it in 3 different colors. To hang it, a touch screen button has been given in the stand of this lamp.

It can be used as a lamp in office, home, kids room, bedroom, which looks quite amazing to see.


Multi color Option: This magnetic levitating moon lamp from the VGAzer brand has a multi color LED light which can be changed to 3 different colors.

Real Moon Feel: The shape of this globe is round shape like a moon, whose original color is white. What is printed on the outside of this round gallop is 3D printed of Moon. Which gives the look of a moon even during the day. And in the night time, due to the burning of the LED light in it, it looks even more amazing.

Wireless Charging: Like you were told, there is a light in this globe which burns with battery power. To charge it, the option of a cable is given in the stand of this globe. Which can be connected to the cable provided by this product to charge the LED light inside the floating globe. Which is also called wireless charge.

Perfect Gift: Its design and size will not have any problem in doing it like a gift. You can take this product to do it like friend gift, Christmas gift, birthday gift, wedding gift, lover gift, anniversary gift.


  • 3D Printing Globe
  • magnetic floating moon lamp
  • 3 Colors Mode
  • Touch Control
  • Wireless Charging
  • 1.05kg lightweight product

3. Levitating Floating Moon Light

Levitating Floating Moon Light


This lamp makes the lamp look even more beautiful because of a long road attached to it. In this product, you would get a lot of features as compared to the different moon lamps mentioned in this review. 

In this device you will get to see 5 different parts. Which is a different job. The height of all the floating moons reviewed in this post cannot be controlled up and down, as much as the magnetic power of that device.

But it is not like that. There are two special types of magnetic devices in it, so that you can move this moon globe up and down according to your height. And this globe also keeps rotating like a real moon. Which looks quite amazing.


Rotated Moon Feel Read: The printed moon picture in this globe has been printed in 3D way. And the moon that it is is automatically rotated. Due to which it feels like a real moon.

Phone wireless charge and globe light battery: This device has been designed in new technology. You will get the space of a cable plug in the stunt of this lamp to charge the LED light installed inside this globe. From where you can charge the floating ball without leaving this device by applying it. With that, if you have a wireless charging smartphone, then it can also be charged with this lamp.

Best for Gift: You must have known by looking at these images that how attractive this device can be. It can be used not only as a home or office lamp. You can also give this a logo gift.


  • Wireless charging
  • 15 W. LED light
  • 6 inches moon lamp diameter and 15mm-17mm levitation height
  • Only 1kg medium product weight
  • Also more features read more

4. BRIGHTWORLD Galaxy Moon Lamp

BRIGHTWORLD Galaxy Moon Lamp


The Magic Tar Moon Light is designed by a company called BRIGHTWORLD. This lamp is an alternative to the Moon lamp. The picture of the Galaxy has been printed in it to make it even more reflective having a picture of the Moon. And which looks even more beautiful and amazing to see.

The shape of this force is like a globe whose size is 5.9 inches. A battery LED light is installed inside this globe. Which is a multi color light. This light can be changed to 16 different colors. To charge this light, a USB charging space has been given under this force. from which you can charge.

A wooden key stand with globe LED light will be available in this product package. With which you can keep this globe standing in one place.


Colorful and brightful globe: The 5.9-inch globe has been given a galaxy look. Which is made from Polyvinyl Chloride and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene material. Due to the Galaxy look of this globe, when the light inside it is lit, then it looks more beautiful by many folds.

Long Lasting Battery: The battery is housed inside this globe which is a 500mAh battery. This battery can be charged via USB cable. On full charge, maximum 3 hours nonstop will run in full brightness.Otherwise, it can be easily lit for full 4 to 12 hours, it depends on how bright you are using it.

Remote and Touch Control: This product package comes with a globe, a wooden key stand, and a remote. It can be changed to 16 different colors through the remote. Apart from the remote, the color of this light can be changed with the button given in this globe.


  • 500mAh Battery Long Lasting Battery
  • USB charging
  • Two Control Option (Touch Button and Remote Control)
  • 5.6 inches medium size globe.
  • 16 color different changing option

5. Mydethun The Original Moon Lamp

Mydethun The Original Moon Lamp


In this ball, the image of the moon has been printed in 3D. According to the Amazon website, if the image of the moon printed in it is included, then it is like the real image taken by NASA. In this, all those black tree marks will be seen which is in the Moon image taken by NASA.

This lamp becomes even more beautiful and amazing. The stand of this globe is like the hand of a real human man.Whose shape is like catching a ball. As you can see in the image.

It is given a charging and light off button at the bottom of the globe. The moon lamp globe you see in this post is 3.5 inches. There is a globe of six different sizes in Amazon. For which you will also have to pay a different price.


Dual Color Option: This LED light can be changed in two different colors. (White and Yellow) and the brightness of the light can be adjusted in 5 levels.

Six different globe size option: The lead lung size of this product will be seen. (7.1 inch / 5.9 inch / 5.9 inch / 4.7 inch / 3.5 inch.

Lasting Life: If this globe is used in a level 5 light, then it will give you 10 hours of charging life comfortably. If you light its light in full level, then it will give you at least 2 to 3 horse battery light in full charge. It depends how you use it.


  • Charging Cable
  • Color changing and light level changing button
  • 3D printed moon image light lamp
  • White and Yellow color changing light
  • Hand shape globe stand
  • 5 Brightness level control
  • Six globe size option

6. Massage Moon Lamp for Kids, Mother, Father and More

Massage Moon Lamp for Kids, Mother, Father and More


Lamps with this design are specially bought for gifts. In this globe, in 3the printed moon picture, a special type of message is written for mother, for father, for kids, for lover. People buy this especially for birthday gifts.

In this also you are given all the facilities which are nine. Moon lamps of 1,2, 4, 5 are found in the globe. The extra in this is that in this globe with the image of the moon, a message of 100 to 150 characters is written in it for his favorite.

This moon stand is made of wood. In which there are statues of 4 animals. In the package of this product, the customer gets a USB cable for charging, a remote, a wood made Animals design stand, Moon Globe to do that. 


Two Color Changing LED Light: To make this lamp even more beautiful, a two color changing LED light is installed inside this moon globe. Which can be lit in white and yellow color.

Remote Control: This globe is given a 10-button remote to control the light off, color change, brightness level. Through this remote, you can also keep this moon light in auto mode.

Best Gift for: The specialty of this lamp is that the lamp with this design has a lovely message written especially for mother, father, daughter form mother, boyfriend, girlfriend, for son from mom, and wife.(The message written in this globe is for the mother, but moon lamps with a message are available in Amazon for more different relationships.)


  • Real Moon Look Lamp
  • Remote Control
  • USB Charging System
  • Stylish Stand
  • Text Massage for Father, Daughter form mom, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, For Son from Mom, and wife
  • Also Read More

7. Moon Lamp That Plays Music On Moon Lamp 3D View

Moon Lamp That Plays Music On Moon Lamp 3D View


These 18 different color changing moon lamps of 6.0 inches have been developed by a manufacturing company named HOTEKME. By the way, in this post you have been shown different types of different moon lamps. In this, the customer will get to see an advanced features, the same music system.

HOTEKME Lamps was launched recently on 7th April 2021. This 3the moon light lamp comes with a 6 inches (15 meters) plastic globe, LED light, 800 mAh battery, remote, music speaker and wooden stand.

While the LED light in this lamp keeps on burning continuously for 15 to 30 hours in a full charge once, And music can also be played from this lamp, so its marketing price is $ 30.99 for that price. According to the country, its original price may be slightly higher. To check, click on the button which is below the picture of this lamp.


Music Speaker: If you like to listen to music. And if you like to party then this lamp can be a best moon lamp product for you. Along with having 18 multicolor lights inside it, a music space is also given. With which you can enjoy music too.

Multi Color Moon Light Lamp: The original color of this globe is white, but the powerful LED light inside it shows this moon in 18 different colors.

Good Looking Moon Lamp: A wooden stand is available to stand this moon. The design of the stand is simple but good looking. Which makes it different from all other lamps.

Remote Control: A remote is given to control this lamp. With which activities like music, color change, off-on can be done by this lamp.


  • Music System
  • 18 Different Color Changing Light
  • Remote Control
  • Big Size
  • Beautiful Stand

8. The Original Moon Shaped Lamp Night Light

The Original Moon Shaped Lamp Night Light


The globe which is visible in the middle of this stand is floating in the air. To make this lamp look amazing, its design has been designed like a log in its shape. Which is made of wrought iron.

It can be taken for lighting study room, kids room, kitchen room. It is a manufacturing company of China. The stand it has makes it unique. Apart from black, a white colored stand is also available.

If we go to tell about this globe, then its shape is like a ball which is of 6 inches, The light inside it which provides 3 different color look. white, white yellow, and yellow.

How do you activate moonlight?

Activating Moon Lamp is very easy. In all the Moon Lamp Amazon products shown in this post, you will find a remote or touch screen button in all the lamps. From which you can make moon light exist like off-on, light color change.

All the original Moon lamps get more than 15 color options and multi-functional remote control like controlling the battery level.

We are hopeful that you must have liked the Moon lamp article written in this post. Before buying any product, please read the Moon Lamp Buying Guide given below.

Moon Lamp Amazon Product Buying Guide

Before buying any device or material, it is necessary for the customer to have information about that material. As in all product reviews in, the buying guide of that product is given, In the same way, in this post also you will get to read the buying guide of this product.

Before buying a moon table lamp, the buyer must have information about these five moon lamps.  Size, Holder/ stand, 3D Printing, Light Patterns and Touch and Remote Control.

Let us know some information about them.


According to the price of all moon lamp products, the company considers their size different. All lamps shown in this post can be purchased on Amazon. In Amazon, you will get to see moon lamps of different sizes.

So we request you to buy the lamp according to the size of the table in which you are going to keep the moon ball light. As office tables are always big where only big things look good. Therefore, if you want to take moon lamp for office or for a large size table like office, then you should buy 5.9 inch or 7.1 inch moon lamp.

The 4.7 Inches Size 3D Printed Moon Lamp is Good for Bedroom, Gift, Kids, or Kids room and will continuously provide 8 horse battery power.

Holder/ Stand

The holder is the one who holds the moon light. The holder is the main part of this moon lamp. In Amazon or any other online shopping site, you will get to see moon lamps of different styles. For example, just look at the 8 moon lamps mentioned in this post.

The holder of this lamp makes it look more beautiful and good looking when it is fitted with a magnetic moon lamp holder. We want to tell you that the Moon Lamp with Magnetic Stand is the best-selling lamp in today's time.

In this design lamp, there is a magnet in the holder and moon ball which keeps the moon of its magnetic power flying in the air. Due to which this moon ball shows the real moon. This type of lamp is called floating moon lamp.

Apart from the Magnetic Levitating Moon Lamp, there is also a Moonlight 3D Printing Lamp with different types of stands which looks quite awesome, gorgeous, amazing.

If you want to buy or see moon lamps of different designs, then you can like this by clicking on this link. We will be glad if you buy moon lamp by clicking on our given link.

Moonlight 3D Printing

3D Printing is what gives a simple ball the look of a moon in this lamp. By looking at this lamp, you would think that a picture of a moon has been placed in this ball. But nothing happens.

It is told in the 3D picture like a complete real earth Which looks like 3D even when you look closely and even by touching you feel rough.

There are many companies in the market that make moon lamps and have power. Companies have worked in this design lamp according to their price. You get a simple moon texture in a low price moon lamp, which you neither get to see nor feel like 3D.

Therefore, whenever you are going to buy this type of budget, you should read the experience comment of the customer given in the page of the product. After that you think to buy it.

The light in it helps to give a more 3D feel to the moon lamp. About which we will get information in the next heading.

Moon Globe Light

Moon Light Projector means the light inside the goblet is being talked about. You will find a remote or switch in every moon table lamp budget.

This remote or switch helps to turn the moon globe light on and off. The light in the moon lamp gives a real moon feel when the light in it is turned on.

The light of the color in this gazette is the same color as the light of the real moon, also written golden white yellow. 

The light projector in it has 12 friendly colors, which you can change with the remote. 

You will get to see only one color light fitting in the low price Moon Glop lamp. If you buy a slightly higher priced lamp, then you will get moon light lamp with more than 12 color changing options.

Click on this link, in this you will get to buy 3The Moon Light product with multi color option.

Switch and Remote Control

The simply color changing moon lamp can be controlled by the light of the switch or remote. Hmm there is definitely a lamp with some advanced technology which can control the light through a mobile app. But we are talking about moon lamp, so the light can be changed with only remote or switch.

The multi color magic moon lamp comes with a free remote with 12 color changing options. 

Which you can change the moon shaped night light according to your mood.

You get only one color option in the moon lamp with end switch. White / golden or white golden ones.

You get only one color option in the moon lamp with end switch. White / golden or white golden ones. And there will be no option like color changing in the lamp with the switch. There will be a switch to switch off the ends.


In order to make people's bedroom / office room / kids room more beautiful, in this post, review article of Top 8 Best Moon Picture Lamp has been written for all of you. Along with him, his buying guide was also explained thoroughly. We do not sell any type of product shown in this post, all the products shown in this post can be purchased from Amazon site. For buying, you will find the official Amazon link of that product under all the products, so that you can buy it online.

The meaning of writing this article was that if we were able to show you the unique technology, then we could give information about it. Hope you got to see, know and buy something new from this post. 

You can checkout the official site of indyproduct to know about more such new design unique gadgets.

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